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Rooter Power Plumbing Services - Drain Cleaning

Common items around the home like hair care products, chemical cleaners, soap products, roots from landscaping and trees, and even grease will clog a drain overtime. This can pose a health risk at both home and work, and can significantly slow production at a commercial establishment.

Kitchen sink drain sunland ca

Kitchen Drains

Food and soap products such as bacon grease, vegetable oil, hand soap, and some types of detergent frequently build up residue in your pipes and clog the drain. Depending on the location of the blockage, there are several options for your plumber to clear the debris and allow for proper draining.

garbage disposal repair sunland ca

Garbage Disposal Repair

Few kitchen appliances get as much abuse as garbage disposals.Tackling problems from damaged blades, to blocked drains requires plumbing work, although electricians may also be summoned to handle burned motors. A garbage disposal plumbing failure calls for a prompt and adequate solution to get this appliance back in working order, as it can cause a very messy drain back up.

shower and tub drain cleaning sunland ca

Shower and Tub Drains

Over time shower and tub drains become clogged with soap, conditioner, shampoo, and hair. Your shower should drain immediately as you run the water. If you notice the water is accumulating in the tub or sink, it is likely clogged by the build up of one or more of these substances.

bathroom sink drains sunland ca

Bathroom Sink Drains

A blockage in your bathroon sink drain is usually caused by the build up of hair or soap products, and occasionally jewelry like rings, earrings, or necklaces get stuck in the trap placed in the U-shaped pipes beneath the sink, which is called a P-trap. It is usually necessary to disassemble the P-trap in order to clear the blockage, however this is a fairly simple procedure.

toilet repair sunland ca

Toilet Drains

Toilet drains can sometimes become clogged with toilet paper and even the occasional toy. Rooter Power Plumbing Services can solve the problem with a machine that feeds a spinning cable into the toilet drain. The cable has special spring-loaded blades on the tip that can cut through any obstruction while thoroughly cleaning the inside of the drainpipe to restore full drainage and powerful flushes.

floor drain cleaning sunland ca

Floor Drains

Floor drains are common in basements, laundry rooms and garages. They may also be found on patios and driveways, as well as in older bathrooms. These drains are equipped with a trap that should be kept filled with water to prevent odors and sewer gas from escaping. Dirt and debris can clog floor drains. When that happens, call Rooter Power Plumbing Services to quickly restore good drainage.