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Copper, PVC or Galvanized Pipe? The three most common kinds of indoor pipes are Copper, Galvanized, and PVC.

Most homes today are built using copper piping, which is smaller in diameter than galvanized or PVC piping and can be used in tight places. Copper pipe does not contain lead, and is biostatic, which means that the copper inhibits bacteria growth, and therefore the water is safer to drink. Homes built with galvanized steel plumbing will eventually need to have the piping replaced, as over time mineral deposits will build up on the inside of the pipe, and eventually cause extreme water flow blockage.

Residential piping used pre-1960s was galvanized steel. Galvanization is the process of coating a metal with zinc, to help prevent corrosion and mineral deposits within the line. However, once the internal galvanizing zinc coating has degraded, steel piping will eventually become obstructed from internal rusting and mineral deposits forming inside of the pipe. Other disadvantages of galvanized pipes are that they contain lead, and corrode quickly. In potable water distribution service, galvanized steel pipe has a service life of about 30 to 50 years, although it is not uncommon for it to be less in geographic areas with corrosive water contaminants.

Galvanized steel is relatively expensive, and difficult to work with due to weight and the requirement of a pipe threader. It remains in common use for repair of existing systems and to satisfy building code non-combustibility requirements typically found in commercial structures such as hotels, apartment buildings and other commercial applications. It is also extremely durable and resistant to mechanical abuse. Black lacquered steel pipe is the most widely used pipe material for fire sprinklers and natural gas.

main sewer line repiping main sewer line repiping

As a result of nature and the natural aging process, it is likely pipes will need to be replaced periodically in your home.

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